Happy Friday - here's another #freebeefridayknitsWhat are your plans this weekend when you aren't knitting?


Wouldn't that be nice?  -
#freebeefridayknits free pattern here

Never a dull moment cushion

Flip it over and over - make life more interesting... ahh - it's the little things he he!!
Free for you today 'cos it's #freebeefridayknits again folks! Just click this LINK!

Pick up a... pigeon

interpret as you will - it's your #freebeefridayknits pattern for today!

where will your little pig be going?

... to market, to town - of just a staycation?
This weeks #freebeefridayknits is here

First blossom!

So excited - not only is it #freebeefridayknits Friday - and half term week - but this morning we awoke to find that our apricot tree had bloomed - this for us is the first sign of pending Spring - so a day to celebrate indeed!
Hope you enjoy making these leaves by the way! (free pattern here!)

first blossom...

It's hare again...

but bigger this time - I do love 'em... #freebeefridayknits pattern here
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Hare we are again!

Fridays do come around at a swift pace these days... which is great - but I don't want to wish my life away... #freebeefridayknits free pattern {here} time - leaping hares this week (whatever next? - follow the feed to find out @dotpebbles

sheep on an hill

...aka sheep teacosy - I know, it's crazy, loopy, baa-king mad - but then who say's we have to take life seriously all of the time? - Free pattern - "HERE"

Bah! Even eggs feel the chill!

But for no longer, not with this sheepskin coat - keep warm and carry on!
 - #freebeefridayknits free pattern here - Ravelry

New Year - New #freebeefridayknits

 - well not 'New' as such - just more...

Aw - very happy Christmas to all my blog friends...

... and a big thank you for all your support thus far!

Quick Chick!

... for those - who with still hundreds of things to do - still have to knit!
Quick Chic
1. Cast on 18sts in Aran or DK yarn and 4mm needles (or ones to suit your yarn)
2. Knit (in garter stitch) rows to create a square
3. Cast off
4. Fold in half across the diagonal - corner to corner
5. Fold in half across the diagonal again
6. Over-sew the outer row ends of each diagonal side together - this become the hen’s back
7. Over sew the folded ends leaving about 2cm from the hen’s back down - splay this open part out to become the hen’s tail feathers
8. Shape the hen to create a slight curve along the back
9. With embroidery thread or similar work a short row of blanket stitch from the point (beak) created at the diagonal edge
10. Then work either a single lazy daisy petal for each wattle or just a couple of straight lines per wattle to complete