...out today...

...And look who's arrived, get the pattern for this and loads more pets from my new book Knit & Purl Pets out today!! PLEASE NOTE THERE IS AN ERRATA AVAILABLE FOR THIS BOOK WHICH I WILL PERSONALLY EMAIL TO YOU - MY EMAIL FOR CORRESPONDENCE:


  1. Please send the errata for Knit & Purl Pets. Thank you. I love the chickens.

  2. Could you please send me the errata for Knit & Pearl Pets?
    I am knitting the Speckle the kitten from the Dutch book, and the pattern seems wrong/not logical to me. (maybe it would help too if you could send me the English version of this particular pattern, or if I could ask you some clarifications about a paragraph).
    I am knitting the kitten as a present for my god daughter, so I really hope you can help me out.
    thanks in advance,

    1. Hi Els - gladly - but can you email me your email and I'll send you the errata or please do ask me about any aspect of the pattern and I'll help you. Claire

  3. Hi Claire,
    could you please e-mail me the errata for the patterns in "knit&purl pets"?
    Made some feathered friends. They are lovely. Can't wait to continue...



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